The Ultimate Visitor's Guide to Cape Town

Everything you need to know about visiting Cape Town. From events, safety, restaurants and more.
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Quick Tips for Visiting Cape Town

Please remember, everything written here is personal opinion of the author.

Here are a list of the "must-knows" when you visit Cape Town (especially if you're a first-time visitor):

Security & Crime

  • Cape Town is part of a third-world country, and as such, crime and security are a problem here. Having said this, if you are aware of your surroundings and generally sensible, you should have no problems. The crime is 95% petty-theft, and only in areas and situations where you make yourself vulnerable. If you're unsure if its sensible to do what you're planning, ask a local (or email me and I'll provide some recommendations).
  • [December 2023 Update]: Cape Town is currently experiencing a spate of muggings of hikers and walkers in the mountains. These are criminals looking to take possessions to re-sell. They are not looking to harm you (as long as you don't resist, which is sometimes not the natural instinct). To avoid becoming a victim of these thefts, see our guide to crime and security.


  • If you're visiting Cape Town in Summer, you're likely going to experience the summer wind, which is a South East wind called "The Cape Doctor". The wind picks up from about 2pm most days. If you want to exercise or go hiking, I'd recommend always doing it in the mornings when it is still.
  • During peak summer (December/January), you've got daylight from 5am to 9pm.


  • There is Uber here. It is generally safe. Make sure to check your number plate matches before you get into any cars. You can also ask the driver his/her name and a good practise if you are nervous is to ask them to open the boot.
  • An Uber from the Airport to the City Center is around R240.00, ($12.70, €11.00). There are also shuttles available that you can pre-book.
  • Flights to/from Cape Town to/from Johannesburg are roughly 2 hours and relatively cheap (depending on the time of week you fly). They range from R800 one-way to around R2000 one-way, depending what day of the week.

Some Common Questions about Visiting Cape Town

Is Cape Town Safe?

Cape Town is in a 3rd-world country. We certainly have our crime problems, and I would not describe it as an inherently safe place.

As of this writing (December 2023), Cape Town is currently experiencing a particularly bad wave of muggings. These occur generally on the hiking trails, and every single case I have heard of involves the hikers/walkers having their posessions taken, and nothing more. The criminals are desperate for money. If they commit any further harm or damage to the people, it is because they resist giving over their posessions.

Having said all of this, it comes down to how sensible you are. Try to always stay with a group. Don't go out too late or too early by yourself. Avoid situations where you make yourself vulnerable. If you are vigilant and aware of your surroundings, you should be fine.

For more info on the question of is Cape Town safe, see our guide on Safety & Security in Cape Town.

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