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The Best Places to Live in Cape Town in 2024 (Compared, with Ratings, by a Local)

Flynn Webber
Nov 24, 2023
A picture of Sea Point and Signal Hill, looking down from Lions Head
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f you're considering a move to South Africa's Mother City, welll... good choice. Cape Town, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, has a diverse array of neighborhoods to suit any lifestyle.

In this article, we'll delve into the best places to live in Cape Town. Whether you're a beach lover, a city slicker, or a nature enthusiast, there's a corner of Cape Town that's perfect for you.

Expect insider tips, local insights, and Cape Town from my perspective as a resident of 10+ years.

The Different Factors I'll Use to Compare Suburbs

When determining the best places to call home in Cape Town, I consider a diverse range of aspects that reflect quality of life.

Each of the below I will rate on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 worst, 5 best), giving an overall score for each potential suburb.

It is worth mentioning at this stage, this is just my personal opinion as an english-speaking late-20's working professional (male). I love the outdoors, but also a bit of vibrant city life. And I live in Gardens, by the way.

Here are the factors I used to compare the best places to live in Cape Town:

  • Housing affordability and availability
  • Schooling in the area
  • Safety & Crime
  • Shopping & Entertainment
  • Outdoor lifestyle and activities
  • Commuting & Traffic
  • Public Transport

The Best Places to Live in Cape Town - Compared by Main Suburbs

Delving deeper into the outstanding suburbs available in Cape Town, let's compare each one side by side.

Southern Suburbs

The Southern Suburbs is the renowned up-market "family" area of the South of Cape Town. The main suburbs here are Tokai, Constantia, Rondebosch and Claremont (with a few other smaller areas in between).

Some general comments about living in the Southern Suburbs:

  • The commute time into and out of time during peak traffic hours (morning and afternoon) is significant. It can take as long as 60mins to drive from Constantia into the CBD if you leave at around 7:30AM. The converse is also true of leaving CBD to come back to the Southern Suburbs. This is especially bad during school times (not holidays).
  • There is more bigger properties available in the Southern Suburbs than there are in Town. That's why most families choose to live there.
  • The closer to the mountain you are, the more expensive the property.


Born from a mix of mind-blowing scenery and a warm community, Tokai’s been delighting residents for years. There’s easy access to the outdoors - forest walks, mountain biking, close to stunning vineyards. It's perfect for families that enjoy a slower pace, and exceptional schools are also within reach.

Known for its horse riding community, and slightly bigger plots of land, Tokai is a great option for a young family looking for space (who have outdoor interests). It's also home to a great mountain biking area in the Tokai forest. If you're a golfing enthusiast, Tokai is also home to Steenberg Golf Estate and Westlake Golf Course, both beautiful options for a round.


  • Housing Affordability: 2.5
  • Schooling: 3.5
  • Safety & Crime: 3.5
  • Shopping & Entertainment: 3.5
  • Outdoors: 4
  • Commuting & Traffic: 2
  • Public Transport: 2


Nestled beneath the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, Constantia brims with green spaces and world-class wineries.

There are what's known as "Green Belts" that run through Constantia, which are basically just long and thing strips of undeveloped park area. Great places for walking your dogs or taking an afternoon stroll. Most of them also lead up to the mountain, and have dedicated cycling paths if you're a mountain biker.

The Alphen Green Belt, a popular dog-walking spot. Photo by Grant Durr.

The Constantia Valley wine estates are also a special aspect of the living here. Beau Constantia, Constantia Glen and Buitenverwachting are highlights of the area, and a great place to enjoy a crisp Chenin Blanc with a cheese board.

The main shopping options here are Constantia Village and The Constantia Emporium (recently opened in 2023), both boasting Woolworths, Pick 'n Pay's and other smaller coffee shops etc,

To sum up, I think of Constantia as the fancy version of Rondesbosch. Slightly more removed from the hustle and bustle of the city (but not without its own shopping etc.), with more upmarket housing.

As always, the closer you go to the mountain, the more expensive property gets.


  • Housing Affordability: 2
  • Schooling: 4
  • Safety & Crime: 3.5
  • Shopping & Entertainment: 4
  • Outdoors: 4
  • Commuting & Traffic: 2
  • Public Transport: 2


A blend of student and family living, Rondebosch is home to some of the country’s top schools, and a great place for young families to live.

It has a blend of both city-like and suburban-style residential options. The closer you get to the M3 or Claremont, the more city-living you get. As you get down towards the M5, your residential options become more family-style with single family homes on bigger plots and lots of trees.

Home to the popular Rondebosch common (a park that was once donated to the Govt of Cape Town on condition that it was never developed), Rondebosch has housing that is slightly more on the affordable side and areas that cover different budgets.

Slightly more removed from the mountain (on the Newlands side), it is a bit of a drive to get up to an access point, but certainly not out of reach. Schools are the main attraction of the area, boasting some of the country's best options:

  • Rondebosch Boys Junior School
  • Rondebosch Boys High School
  • Westerford High School
  • Groote Schuur Primary School
  • Oakhurst Girls' Primary
  • Bishops
  • Rustenburg Girls
  • St Joseph's Marist College


  • Housing Affordability: 3.5
  • Schooling: 4
  • Safety & Crime: 3
  • Shopping & Entertainment: 3
  • Outdoors: 3
  • Commuting & Traffic: 1.5
  • Public Transport: 2.5


One of the commercial hubs of the Southern Suburbs, Claremont meets the needs for those looking for a dynamic lifestyle.

Shopping centers, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife make up the core of Claremont. It has a decent residential area available too, but the closer you get to the train line, the more "dodgy" things get. Very easy access to the M3 and the M5, meaning your route out of Cape Town (N2) is about 5-10 minutes away (when there's no traffic).

Claremont is also home to quite a few students living in apartments, digs and residences, because there is a UCT Jammie bus that runs on a certain loop through Claremont. One thing to consider when buying a home, you might not want to live next door to a student digs if you've got young kids!


  • Housing Affordability: 3.5
  • Schooling: 3.5
  • Safety & Crime: 2.5
  • Shopping & Entertainment: 3.5
  • Outdoors: 2.5
  • Commuting & Traffic: 1.5
  • Public Transport: 3

Northern Suburbs


A tranquil environment, with a rural atmosphere and rapid growth – Durbanville's landscape boasts wine farms, shopping centers and entertainment zones. Ideal for families seeking a balanced lifestyle.


Belville offers a blend of residential, commercial, and industrial zones. It's widely recognized for Tyger Valley – a comprehensive shopping and entertainment spot and a great place to kickstart your career or business.

Table View

Table View's popularity stems from its remarkable view of Table Mountain across Table Bay. It's family-friendly, teeming with amenities, and well-serviced by public transport.

City Bowl


A haven for young professionals, Vredehoek offers a trendy, relaxed lifestyle. With a scenic backdrop of Table Mountain, the neighborhood offers cafes, boutiques, and easy access to the city center.


Gardens is rich with cultural history, art, eateries, boutiques, and esteemed educational institutions. It's got an urban appeal due to its proximity to the city center.

Oranjezicht / Higgovale

Offering expansive views over the city, Oranjezicht and Higgovale are steeped in history. The quiet tree-lined streets are a sanctuary from city noise and perfect for raising a family.

Atlantic Seaboard

Camps Bay

World-renowned beaches, beachfront restaurants, upscale living – it’s no wonder Camps Bay is one of the most prestigious areas in Cape Town. The vibrant nightlife and stunning sunset views make it a highlight.

Sea Point

Sea Point is a bustling and diverse suburb. Its beachfront packed with apartment buildings, shops, restaurants, and bars. The famous Sea Point promenade is attractive to joggers, cyclists, and dog walkers.

Green Point

Close to Sea Point and the city center, Green Point is quirky, trendy, and easy-going. With its famous Biodiversity Garden and the renowned Cape Town Stadium, it’s a sports and nature lover’s dream.

Mouille Point

Mouille Point is fit for city-dwelling nature lovers. Boasting views of the ocean, Robben Island, and Lion's Head, it offers seaside cafes, hiking trails, and the Mouille Point Lighthouse.

The Deep South


Noordhoek, far removed from the city bustle, reflects a relaxed, rural atmosphere. Wide-open spaces, horse riding, and beach walks are shared passions of the locals.


Muizenberg, a surfer’s paradise, is known for its easy-going vibe. The vibrantly painted beach huts and historical sites make for a visually pleasing area.

Simons Town

Delighting with its naval base, penguins, harbors, and museums, Simons Town is a quaint seaside village. It's ideal for those wanting a sedate pace of life.


Being the last populated area before Cape Point, Scarborough's tranquil, with a strong sense of community. A haven for creative types, it's remote yet breathtaking – showcasing nature's splendor in all its rustic beauty.

The Best Places to Live in Cape Town for Families

As we delve deeper into specific needs, let's focus on family-friendly suburbs in Cape Town. If you're considering moving your family to this vibrant city, a few suburbs notably stand out. They offer a mix of great schools, parks, and shopping centers that make family life enjoyable.

First up is the Southern Suburbs. Home to several top-notch schools like the Western Province Preparatory School and Herschel Girls School, it's a popular choice for families. The Southern Suburbs are pleasantly green, giving it a tranquil suburban feel. Here, ample parks provide spaces for families to enjoy bonding time outdoors.

In contrast, the Northern Suburbs offer a more urban vibe but don't lack the essentials for a family-friendly environment. Renowned schools like Durbanville Preparatory School and Fairmont High School reside here. Plus, the northern side brings a wealth of shopping malls like the Tyger Valley Centre, perfect for weekend family outings.

Each of these Cape Town suburbs brings its own charm and benefits for families. It's all about weighing what's important to you and finding the best fit for your lifestyle. It's clear that in Cape Town, choosing somewhere to live isn't about sacrifice - there's a wealth of options to satisfy a variety of family needs.

Some Common Questions About Living in Cape Town

I often get asked what the best place to live in Cape Town is, among other questions about living here. Below I've attempted to honestly answer a couple of the most common ones.

Is the Cape Town social scene "cliquey"?

How easy is it to make friends in Cape Town?

Is it safe to live in Cape Town?

Is Cape Town Ciity well governed and run?

Which suburbs in Cape Town have beautiful beaches?

A: The Atlantic Seaboard is renowned for its beautiful beaches and parks. This area is perfect for nature-loving families who enjoy outdoor activities and scenic views.